Chances are if you find yourself here you’re searching for something… whether it’s connection, closure, or spiritual guidance. Seekers such as yourself have been receiving guidance and communication from psychic mediums for about as long as humans have recorded their history.

Psychic Mediumship isn’t really about just predicting the future or connecting you to those who’ve passed over. It’s about providing you with the wisdom, guidance and the compassion you’re energetically requesting in the moment.

Our journeys here on Earth are never easy and it’s common place to believe that you have to go at it alone, which leaves people feeling lost, disconnected and confused. Some even begin to doubt themselves and lose touch with their own intuition. Truth is you’re never really alone. You’re loved ones, ancestors, angels, guardians & guides are right there with you. When life gets difficult or complicated and your inner light dims, they’re there doing everything in their power to inspire you, re-ignite you & guide you. As a psychic medium Reverend Bunny acts as an intermediary to help you re-connect, re-calibrate and receive the guidance you desire.


Bunny’s gentle nurturing approach to delivering messages is one filled with kindness, compassion and caring. She believes that her gifts are to tools for healing & spiritual guidance. Rest assured that while Bunny is gentle and nurturing she does not hold back when a cathartic nudge is needed.

Bunny is a truly multi-sensory psychic medium as she connects with Spirit through:

  • Clairvoyance - Clear vision / seeing

  • Clairaudience - Clear hearing

  • Clairsentience - Clear feeling / sensing

  • Clairalience - Clear smelling

  • Claircognizance - Clear knowing

  • The ability to see & read auras

After have a reading with Bunny many of her clients report feeling…

  • Uplifted and inspired

  • More connected to themselves

  • Clearer and more aware

  • A sense of being unburdened

  • A deep sense of forgiveness

  • Relief from worry & anxiety

  • Understood & acknowledged

  • More worthy to pursue their dreams

  • Clarity of purpose

  • More aware of their energy

  • A better understanding of others

  • More worthy to pursue their dreams